There is Always a Reason to go to the Office

You know, there is something that I have come to know in the office, which I believe will apply very much for when I get home.

There is Always a reason to go to the office. There is always a reason Not to study the scriptures. There is oftentimes not a reason to do a lot of things. Why? Because we do not have a set schedule. Oftentimes we need to leave the house by 8:30, when most missionaries start their personal study. So I have come to realize something, while I have been here.

I need to make scripture reading a priority, now and forever. I have tried reading the scriptures at the office, and see how difficult and distracting technology can be. Although I love technology and would not give it up for the world, I think occasionally we need to put it down and experience the beauty and joy of the world around us. More specifically, we need to take a moment away from technology to experience the joy of the scriptures. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to learn this, as it is a much needed lesson.

About the Power of the Book


Elder Wilson


P.S. This was for last weeks email, did not have enough time to send it.


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