If the Lord has not given up on me, so why should I give up on you?

Well, This was a fun week, one that I will be forever greatful and thankful for.

Earlier this week, we traveled to Sogod to help some elders move out. It is straight up gorgeous out there, Loved it! I took a video along the way, So when I get home you will have to see them.
But what I wanted to share, was something that I came to realize this week.
We are not perfect. Daily we strive to follow the lord, but sometimes we choose not to follow exactly what he says. Oftentimes, we may have investigators, members, or maybe even our companion, who chooses to still not obey the rules. Although we may pray, plead, cry, fast, beg, or any number of things, they still do not change. I thought about us, how we are not much different. The lord will oftentimes want us to change so much, but we just refuse. We take the road most traveled by, instead of the least. We take the easier wrong, instead of the harder right. And you know, even though we do this, the lord still loves us and has not given up on us. So therefore, I have a statement: If the Lord has not given up on me, so why should I give up on you?
Anyways, that is my brief message today. I love this work, and I love how much I am learning. How much I would give to restart my mission today, with the same knowledge and abilities that I have right now. Now THAT would be a miracle.
Elder Wilson

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