Power of Positivity

Today, I would like to talk about the power of thinking positive.

You see, I had a companion before, Elder Cancel, who had to have been the most positive person I have ever met. No matter where he went, he ALWAYS had a smile on his face.
Whether it was in adversity, or in sadness, he always had a smile, was always happy.
Although he never could (or would) tell me how or why he was so happy, I think I have learned a part of why he was always happy.
You see, your attitude is contagious, if you are happy, those around you are happier, and vice versa.
Too often in life, we experience disappointments, sadness, or overall some things we may not like. Someone may not act the way that you want them to. Others, will continue to ignore the dishes until they are overwhelming the sink. Too often we complain about things like this, when in reality, why should we? in reality, we need to be a example of what needs to happen, instead of complaining and thinking that complaining will make it happen. Happiness is found not in what others do, but in how we serve others. Happiness is found in helping others, not ourselves.
Have you ever noticed how we are happier if we do things for others than for ourselves? You see, I met a man, probably one of the happiest men I know, and he just gives to others. Although he has a few things himself, he probably gives away 10x more than what he takes for himself. He, has truly found the secret to happiness, in others.
How grateful I am for the example of others being happy in my life. These examples of happiness have enabled me to become a happier person, and for that, I am grateful!
Hope that everyone has a marvelous week!
With Love,
Elder Wilson

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