Called to Serve

Hello Everyone!

My message this week is based off the topic Above, Called to serve.
We are missionaries called to serve, but oftentimes we may relate this as teaching, tracting, or other things that missionaries do. But it all goes back to the same thing, we are called to Serve.
I have come to discover this as I continue in my current assignement. I have realized that the way to overcome problems, resolve issues, become closer to others, is though Serving.
Too often, and I have seen this much as a missionary, we believe a missionaries, member, or otherwise seen individual is great depending on what they were. “Oh, he was a stake president” or “he was a Assistant” or “she was Relief Society President. I have grown to learn, that these are merely opportunities to grow. They are opportunities to grow into what the Lord needs us to be. Although you may be of the caliber to become a ______, unless the Lord needs you to change by you becoming ______, then you may not get it. It is all dependent on what the Lord needs.
That is it! The Lord is just preparing us. Yes, we need to do our part. The Lord may want to call us to be a District Leader, Teacher in the Sunday School, or something else, and if we are not prepared, the chance will pass us by. Think of any of the prophets. Although when they were called to be a prophet, they were not fully ready, they prepared themselves. The key is, do not hope, seek, or even try to set a goal to obtain a certain assignment. Just prepare yourself! And if the lord needs you, he will call you.
This is why difficult things oftentimes will happen. We all have difficult days, days we may wander ” WHY is this happening to me….” We should not wonder why, but ask “what does the Lord want me to learn from this? What Can I learn from this, to prepare myself for what God wants me to do.
To explain this more fully, might I suggest to watch a video titled “The refiners Fire”? This video goes over the results from a wife, who goes though trial after trial.
So that is why we are here, we are not called to teach investigators, or to perform some great and important feat, instead: We are called to serve. Isn’t it interesting, how oftentimes we will tell the lord how, or where, or what we will do to serve. But as we are all aware, a good servant knows how to serve, and does what is asked of him: Promptly, swiftly, and with obedience.
I hope that everyone enjoys serving those around them, and Loving the work that they do!
With Love,
Elder Wilson

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