Come Follow Me

The Lord’s invitation, Come Follow Me, is a simple phrase, but one that we must all learn to apply to our own individual life.
To Come, indicates a invitation to go toward a specific goal. To come, means that we know where we are going, and know what we want to accomplish. Almost like a map, we know where we are going, and how to get there. Simple obedience, or in other words, obeying because we need to.
To Follow  indicates also going somewhere, but we do not know where. This involves a lot more faith, and more than just simple obeying because we have to, or because we need to. This could be related to following someone in a car, we know where we are going, but do not know the path that we will travel.
and Lastly, the Word me indicates the Savior himself, the Goal of what we should all strive to become and emulate.
Now, What do these 3 words have in common? Well, a lot actually.
The lord is inviting us to become who he is. We know what we want to become, but to become what he needs us to become, we must walk where he is walking. Oftentimes, this may not be the easiest walk. It may require us to walk to places that we may not want to go down. Although we may be walking down paths that we do not want to go down (due to difficulty, or lack of comfort), we must remember: We are not walking this path alone, The Savior himself is walking not infront, but beside us.
Following requires a lot of trust, and sometimes we, even with great faith, shudder to think about doing these things. They are hard after all, and yet, even though they are hard, they are worth it.
Think of the man, in the Bible, who has great wealth. He had followed the law of moses, the 10 commandments, everything. He had “come”, but the lord asked him to do one more thing: To Follow. He asked him to follow him, give up everything. He couldn’t do it! He chose to obey what he wanted, not what was asked of him.
Or even the well Beloved hymn of the church, Come, Follow me.
“Come, follow me,” the Savior said.
Then let us in his footsteps tread,
For thus alone can we be one
With God’s own loved, begotten Son.
Therefore, let us follow the saviors request:
To Come, Follow Me
With Love,
Elder Wilson

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