Finding sweetness outside

Brothers and sisters,
my message today is a brief one. In order for us to be happy, we must “Focus outside ourselves”. Too often, we see happiness as things. If I have X, I will be happy. But I have discovered that happiness is truly how we react to our situation. I remember once, while in institute, our teacher shared a brief story about happiness. He gave the example of a husband and wife. The wife, wakes up early one morning and cooks the husband a absolutely delicious meal in bed. Upon completing everything, it was perfect. The food was cooked to perfection, the miscellaneous details were finalized, nearly a perfect situation. Upon waking, the husband tastes the food and pronounces his disgust.
Now, the wife has 2 options here. To either be grateful that she put forth this effort and be happy, or be saddened by the reaction of her husband. She chooses whether to be happy for serving and doing this effort, or not. This story could work both ways, but the main point is still the same. We should not focus on the reactions of others, but moreso on the act of doing.
How grateful I am, to truly focus on the lord and those around me for 2 years. What a blessing it is to be serving here, in the Philippines.
Therefore, Let us all choose to not let our happiness be based off of the response of others, but more so how we serve others.
Elder Wilson

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