I am now a full time missionary, part time proselyting. We got Transfer reports last week, and I received the assignment to be a Supply Elder for the office. With the Nelsons soon to leave, I am going to be slowly taking over the assignments of Elder Nelson. Although I am excited for this new journey, I am slightly saddened by the fact that I am not out in the field doing the work. Then I realized something,
It does not matter where you serve, just how. It does not matter if you are a Trainer, District Leader, Sister Training leader, Office, or Assistant. They are all there to help. Unlike most other assignments in the mission field, mine is mainly a behind the scenes one that is mainly there to help others. Although I would Love to work on helping a specific area (more), I know that this is what the Lord needs me to do, to prepare me for some future event. The question I should be asking is “What does the Lord need me to learn here?” Which is something that I will need to determine 🙂
Thats about it! Not a whole lot, just am now performing a Ammon Approach, which is serving our fellow fellow men.
With Love,
Elder Wilson ^_^

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