My message today, is brief. One that I have grown to understand more and more on my mission, especially as I continue on this path of growing and preparation for the rest of my life.

My message today is based on Communication. Communication not with God, but with our fellow men, and those who are closest to us.
We are all not perfect, and oftentimes communication is lacking with regards to a certain aspect. Due to lack of communication, arguments, contention, possibly even hate result from such a act.
Yet communication with each other, out of love, removes all of these things. Communication is something that helps us each come closer to god, and in essence, helps us become closer to ourselves. Communication must come out of humility, love, and most of all, out of a sincere desire to help others come unto Christ. Communication is key.
Change this quote about Robert D Hales, with regards to companionship’s. It helps Missionaries see a good companionship have issues. It is our Job to be this example. it is our job, to show how issues should be dealt with. I remember reading a week ago, about how if a mission president gets rejected, how will he react. Well, if we have a issue with regards to communication, how will we react? That is the important thing! How! We may say the same phrase, or respond with the same information, but HOW we present this information has great impact on how someone will respond. Although it is their choice to respond a certain way, it is our choice to present it a certain way.
Communicate, in order to help relieve burdens of hate and contention. Contention drives the spirit away, therefore communicate to invite the spirit 🙂
Love you all!
Elder Wilson

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