Charity: Pure Love of Christ

This has been a interesting week. General Conference was this weekend, and being such, I saw much that I needed to change in myself. I was overjoyed to see some of our investigators at church, and more thrilled to see that one RM Brought around 5 friends (He is a Returned Missionary, not a retired One :P). Yet what I want to share, is one talk that really helped me understand a weakness in myself.

Charity, or the pure Love of Christ.
Charity, as described in the scriptures, is the pure love of Christ. A love that goes beyond all bounds. One that should be sought after anyone seeking to become a true follower of Christ.
Charity is one of the toughest things to obtain, but if we practice and focus on it, we WILL be successful.
I think this is something that will, and can help us all. When there is a friend, companion, spouse, child, etc. that is not following what we may want (or what the lord wants), we should pray for charity. Charity is not the absence of correction, but in fact it is. I was with a missionary the other day, on exchanges. He shared with me how when he was first in the mission, he was not the most obedient missionary. His Zone leaders at the time, we really relaxed, and did not correct him. But of course, Zone Leaders transfer, this is the nature of missionary work. He shared that his next zone leader corrected him on a certain aspect of his disobedience. The missionary, at first, was not happy. In fact, he was really asking himself who the Zone Leader was for correcting him. Now, he realizes how much that missionary loved him for correcting him.
Charity, or the pure Love of Christ, is something that we should all strive for, and work to obtain. Therefore, Let us all strive to be more charitable this week 🙂
With Love,
Elder Wilson ^_^

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