Keep moving forward.

Busy Busy week, and a even busier day. Therefore I just have a brief message to share.

My message is brief, no matter if we fall, we need to keep going forward. Oftentimes, We fall. Falling is a part of life. the real test is getting up and pushing forward. Yes, it is tough. Yes, we may ask why we keep falling. But we need to keep getting up and moving forward. Because if we do not get up, then we will be laying there doing nothing. Press Forward is the key. Press forward, never stopping. Do not stop, not for anything. As Elder Holland puts it:

Therefore, my invitation is to trust in God, and keep moving forward, no matter what happens.
Although I do not have a lot to say  this week, I know that this will be good enough.
Love you all!
Have a Wonderful week!
Elder Wilson

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