Choose Today to Forgive

Brief Message Today,

It is about forgiveness.

Forgiveness is something that will literally change who you are. I wish to share a brief experience to relate this principle.

I had a slight contention with my companion, nothing too big, but it did create some contention. After talking about it with him, he just smiled and said yes (like he agreed to do it). At first, I did not feel like it was a true “yes” I felt he was saying it to get along with whatever we were doing. This is mainly because I have talked with him about it many times before. We had Personal Study after this, and I could not focus. Then I realized, it did not matter if it was a true yes. I did my part, and it was my time to forgive him. It was like a light switch, upon deciding that I was going to forgive him, the spirit returned and I was able to function properly (due to the spirit being there). The reason I share this is because of what happened next.

We had companionship study. The beginning of the study, I could tell my companion was super stressed (happens if we ever have a contention that is not resolved completely). Yet once he saw my reaction, and my willingness to help during this study, he changed. Due to me forgiving him, my actions toward him were different. Due to this, we had a great companionship study that not only helped us, but helped our investigators. You see, Forgiveness isn’t about you, its about those around you. Forgiving those around you will change how you react toward them, and how you work together. Although it was not a huge problem that we had, in fact, something minor, my decision to forgive made that day go much more smoothly. Therefore,

Chose today to forgive.

With Love,
Elder Wilson


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