Obedience, a joyful choice



Today, I would like to talk about Obedience. Obedience is something that we all need to do, and somethign that we all can do to work better on. I love the mission so much, and the fact that it teaches you, relativly quickly, about why it is important to be obedient. Obedience is like a muscle. Although we may wish to see results from our actions, oftentimes these results take weeks and even months to achieve. Sometimes, even years. Needless to say, obedience is something that goes stronger each passing day. As we continue in being obedient, we also strengthen our resolve against temptation as well as every bit of wind that satan will throw at us.

Obedience is almost like a building Engineer. The Engineer knows what is needed to have a successful building, what cement, where to place the supports, etc. If we choose to go against this, although it may be better looking, easier, etc. It will not be as strong. Because as we are obedient, we are progressivly becoming more like god. We are slowly becoming more confortable in his pressence. We are, in efssence, finding out who we are, and who we once were. Obedience is the key to this process.

As we continue to strive in obedience, we are realizing how much of a burden it is to NOT be obedient. by choosing obedience, we are choosing freedom. If we truly love the lord, obedience will be a joyful choice, not a helpless burden.

I love the mission, and am so grateful to be here 🙂 Hope everyone has a marvelously wonderful week 🙂

With Love,
Elder Wilson


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