Effort is NEVER Wasted

Well, I was looking for what I would write about today. This summarizes my thoughts with regards to This past week, or really my mission. The mission requires a lot of effort. We give every day, all of our Heart, might, mind and strength, in essence all of our Effort. We study, every day, we pray, plead, do everything we can, Just to put forth as much effort as we possibly can. Just to see that our Efforts may not have produced much more than a sprout in the field of the lord.

This is summarized in a talk given by Gordon B Hinkley:”We all worry about our performance. We all wish we could do better. But unfortunately we do not realize, we do not often see the results that come of what we do.”.Although we do not oftentimes see the results, We should never regret the effort that we put forth.

Which goes to my next point: I got transferred. I am about a hour West of where I was before, Now I am in Carigara 2nd Ward. Although I transferred, I know that this is part of the Lords plan. Oftentimes, we do not know why, or even if we want it until after the fact. But something I have learned, we should ALWAYS want what the lord has in store for us, it is oftentimes much better than anything we could have hoped for.

I hope that everyone is doing well, and I hope you all have a absolutely Wonderful Week.

With Love,
Elder Wilson


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