Miracles do happen

Rather brief and simple this week.

Miracles happen.

We have this family, the Rebato Family, whom we have been visiting for about a month now. They are AWESOME! They have 2 children, one of whom has her 8th Birthday this coming Saturday. The sister is scattered Israel, who has been looking for the truth. She has read the Book of Mormon without us needing to assign her anything, or anything of the sort. We just taught them Word of Wisdom (was discussed during church, so they had lots of questions), and the sister told us how she never really likes coffee, just milk. Isn’t that amazing? Litterally keeping commitments with little or no pushback. Many would call this golden. Gold is a bit tough to find, I like calling them Scattered Israel, because that implies that they are around us, we just have to find them 🙂

You know, it really is true. We can put the spirit one inch away from their hearts, but they have to accept it. Almost like anything that we have to give, it always takes the individual to choose to accept or reject it. We tried putting the spirit as close as possible to them, and they accepted it 😀

That is my message this week, This is still a day of Miracles. Some of us see these miracles, others? not as many. But they still occur.

New Schedule for the mission is really nice. Planning is in the morning, Personal study afterwards. Companionship study is whenever you can. Home by 8:30, 9pm the latest.

Anyways, have a great week everyone!

With Love,
Elder Wilson


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