True Happiness: A Conscious Decision

This has been a pretty normal week. But one in which I have learned (or should I say relearned). God rarely gives us what we want, he gives us what we need. Oftentimes we will ask for something (like a investigator to go to church, repent, etc.) but it does not happen! we ask ourselves why. Why did Fasting, Prayer, countless studies, not result in the thing we wanted. Was that thing that we asked for good? Yes. Was it something righteous? Yes. Was that thing something that we put forth our all to get? Yes. How many Yes’s does it take? a lot haha. But the lord oftentimes gives us something better, something that we were not expecting. Therefore, I have relearned to be happy with what happens. Happy with what the Lord has to give to us. Happy. That is my message, be happy. No matter what happens, be happy. We have agency, we all fought for it in the pre-Earth Life, therefore choose to be happy. No matter what someone does against you, or what happens to you, be happy. Just be happy. Too often we are unhappy, too often we want this, or that. Too often we complain about what we do not have. But I think the right way to think about it, is to be happy in ALL of our circumstances. Therefore, be happy ^_^


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