Centering your Life on the Christ in Christmas

This is so true. I want to share something that happened to me this week, something I think is super important for all of us to not only understand, but apply to our lives.
We had 2 exchanges this week, one with the Marabut Elders (With my companion being Elder De Mesa) and one with the Alang Alang Elders (With my companion being Elder Basulgan). This particular event happened when I was on exchanges with Elder De Mesa. We Started our exchanges at Night, and our first appointment was with a Less Active member. After talking to him for a bit, he kinda just opened up to us and told us about why he was not going to church, he was shy. This is a answer that is given by many Less Active individuals. But the Spirit works marvelously. We kinda forwent our plan, and just talked about the following: The Reason you are going to church, the reason you are reading the scriptures, praying, etc. Is not for us, but for Christ. The reason you are going to church is not for me, my companion, or any member, but for Christ. If Christ invited you to go to church, would you go? Of Course! Because you are doing it because Christ asked you to. It then hit me. This Christmas season, it also needs to be centered around Christ.
This Sister in Sacrament talked about how some people are Sad at Christmas. They don’t have food, they don’t have a Christmas Bonus, they don’t have a lot of family coming in, they don’t have a bunch of Presents. She related how we should not be sad for these things, because these things are not what makes Christmas. Christmas is Christmas because of 2 things: Christ was Born, and he was Resurrected. Imagine if he was not resurrected? Would their be a Christmas? would there be anything super special about Christ? He was the first that had risen, and the only one who could have completed the Atonement. Therefore, this Christmas, Let us remember the Christ in it. Yes, We missionaries may be excited to skype home, talk with our families, this is true. But more then that, I am excited to center it around Christ 🙂
I hope that everyone has a marvelous week, and of course,
^_^ Merry Christmas ^_^
With Love,
Elder Wilson



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