Light the World, one Candle at a time.

This has been a pretty unique week, one that Was unique in its own aspects. To begin, we had exchanges this past week with the Basey Elders. My companion? None other than the Great Tongan, Elder Fehoko. Yes, the same Elder Fehoko who was my 3rd Companion in Catbalogan. I think What I will share this week is about the christmas theme that we are doing here, and Around the world.

It is titled Light the World and it is a initiative brought about by the church to light the world with the Light of Christ. It’s purpose is to do things that the savior would do. Hence, Jesus is the Light, and so by following him and doing as he would, we are providing but a small amount of light compared to him. Although it may not seem like much, one man or woman lighting the small area in which they can control, it has a more far reaching effect than one can see. Just like a single candle brings enough light to light its surroundings, so can you bring light to light your surroundings. Your light may in fact help others light their lights, and in essence, lighting the world. The greatest thing about this initiative, is that anyone can do it. Whether you are a member, or not, you can do it. Everything listed in there is for those who want to follow Christ more fully. Lighting the world is not just a Mormon  thing, it is a Christian thing. in fact, anyone who wants to be better, can do the things in there. Although you may not get money for the services you render, you will get a smile here, and a “Thank you” there, but more than anything, you are being a light unto the world.
Something interesting. Every Year, on November 8th, here in Region 8, they have a Candlelight celebration. People put their candles out to remind about Typhoon Hiyan. The lights do not produce a lot of light, barely enough to see. But you know what they do provide? Hope. Hope for any who may be struggling. Although it may not seem like much, It makes all the difference for those who are in Darkness.
How Thankful I am to light the world this year. Christmas is at the doorstep, and let us light the world with the light of Christ this Christmas season 🙂
With Love,
Elder Wilson

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