Master Chef-Pinoy Edition

12474107_10154501516085260_6669982206581344190_oSo this week I am taking a bit of a different approach to share what we did this week, rather then something really interesting that I learned. This week, we had a specialized training for Elders. It was a pretty cool training, in which we had to buy ingredients, then proceed to cooking a dish with desert. Our job was to cook Fried Rice with a pineapple chicken adobo thing, finished with a turon for dessert.  The best part? It was a competition. Both for time getting back, most cost effective (spending the least) as well as making sure that it taste the best. Needless to say it was a fun competition, that resulted in a delicious meal being eaten. It was a fun time, that taught us the importance of working together to create a absolutely delicious meal. I loved it!

Christmas time is here, and the new video the church put out truly is a Christmas video for the ages. It is about lighting the world. It gives 25 ways, over 25 days to do so.these 25 ways are all about following Christ more fully, and doing that which Christ would have us do. So, As Christ was the light of the world, he invited us all to be lights to the world.

I love this Christmas Season, and for the opportunity that I have to serve my fellow brothers and sisters here in the Philippines. Let us all celebrate Christmas by becoming a light unto the world 🙂

With Love,

Elder Wilson


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