Learn From the Past, but DO NOT Live there

Learning is something that must be done. Something that is sometimes difficult, but always needed. Learning, should be done no matter how you receive it. Learning is something that, as Elder Bednar shared at a BYU Devotional: We must learn to love learning. Learning is a lifelong pursuit, something that we must all seek. Learning must come from both good places, and bad. Learning is used for the benefit of helping others. Learning, is an important aspect of missionary work. Learning, is very similar to growth.

lds-young-womenGrowth is needed. Growth, Like a seed grows slowly. The following shares the need for trials in growth.
If a tree is planted in a protected environment, where little wind is present. If for any reason wind comes (Like a Typhoon) The tree will get thrown around and be gone.
Yet if a tree is planted in a environment where harsh winds are a normalcy, when a typhoon occurs, the tree will stand stronger and will be able to resist harsher winds.
The mission truly prepares you for the winds of the world. I am beginning to understand how blessed we may be for trials on our mission. They are, in essence Temporarily. Spanning a period of 6-12 weeks (Maybe longer in some aspects), these trials are very short lived. Yet they prepare us for the Typhoon class winds that lay ahead.   lds-001
So this week was a fun week. Did the best that we could. Elder Dy left this week, So i have been able to Kill my first missionary. Elder Dy taught me something: What it means to endure to the End of ones mission. Every moment this last 7 weeks was spent on serving the Lord. Rarely did a mention of home and what he was looking forward to come forth. All that was stated was of the work of the Lord. I am truly grateful for him and all he did for me. So I was able to go on exchanges with the Merida Elders, With Elder Gamit being my companion. Had Brother Arnell, a Ward Missionary who leaves for the Davao Mission this Friday, worked with me Sunday afternoon until Monday Morning. I then went and worked with Elder Wilson from Monday morning until Tomorrow Morning. Really good to work with him, I love it! Kinda like a short term companionship.
Transfers came in: I am being transfered to Tacloban Zone, Palo; Companions with Elder Anag (Who trained Elder Tolentino). I am really sad to leave Isabel. I love it here 🙁 Everything was starting to click in the work, and the work truly is starting to move forward. I am hoping that the next missionaries will take what was done and improve it! And I have no doubt that they will 😀
Loving the mission. with just over 40 days till christmas, I look forward to the birth of my savior Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me. Thank you to everyone who has helped me on my journey 🙂
With Love,
Elder Wilson 😀

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