Attitude of Gratitude

This week, I have thought a lot about Attitude, and also being grateful. Being grateful for what I have, and what I have been given. Now why I am starting to notice this now, is unknown, but I will say some things that have guided me along the way. One: keeping a gratitude Journal. Every night, I try to write in this journal a few things that I am grateful for. They are mostly just things that are not normal. Things that I may have missed. As I have done this for the past 30 days, I have noticed that my attitude has also changed. When something happens that you normally would react badly, your reaction turns to gratitude. Something that I learned while I was at institute, that I have seen on my mission, is that we can choose our attitude. We can choose how we respond to certain things. To give a example on this issue: If you go and make your spouse/person you love a breakfast in bed, or just do something really nice for that person, and that person just gets angry at whatever you did, how will you respond?  108224-attitude-of-gratitude-thanksgiving

Anyways, this leads me into this week. This week was a pretty good week, or a pretty normal week, that is until Friday. Friday we had ZTM, in which we prepared by reading a talk Titled: and peter went out and wept bitterly. Now this talk brought some great introspection into my life. I asked the question that the apostles asked: Lord is it I? As I came through with this attitude, I realized that we all can become like Peter. I realized that in some aspects I AM Peter. Then I realized that I must follow Peter and become who God needs me to be. mormonad-good-morning-1118428-gallery-1

I love the mission. I continue to learn and learn and become what God needs me to be. These past few months have been great, because I have been able to focus 110% on my mission, EVEN when other things come up.
So, we had this cool thing we got to do this week. This last week was Halloween in America and in other places in the world. Here in the Philippines, they have something called All saints/Souls Day. They are 2 days in which people go, and visit Cemeteries to spend time thinking about those that have passed on. We spent this opportunity to go and share with people the Lords Plan of Happiness. I loved this, mainly because we get to share with people about this hope, the hope of being rejoined with loved ones in the next life.
I hope Everyone has a Stupendous week!
With Love,
Elder Wilson

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