General Conference Weekend Report

LDS Temple from the oval reflecting pool. Taken just after sunrise. HDF of 7 shots blended and tonemapped using Photomatix (settings below). In PS: - Imagenomic Noiseware, once with default settings on the building and once full noise reduction for the water and sky. - Clone out trash in the pool. - Freaky detail. - Smart sharpen. - Curves. Strength: 100.0 Color Saturation: 78.0 Luminosity: 8.1 White Clip: 1.055250 Black Clip: 0.276400 Smoothing Mode: Slider Smoothing: -5.7 Microcontrast: 4.4 Microsmoothing: 6.8 Gamma: 1.2

Wow. How much I loved General Conference ( It was a really exciting time, that I was grateful to have witnessed.  Although we watched it a week late, I still felt like it was happening live, which was the best part. I loved watching it.

I think one of my favorite parts was during the Priesthood session. I watched President Thomas S Monson get up and share a brief message about the Word of Wisdom. During this brief yet powerful sermon, 2 things came to my mind. 1: How much I love President Monson. I love him more than I ever thought I could. With his dedication and love for the members of the church, I love him sooo much. Even though I have never met him, Words can not describe my love for him. 2:  How, even though I do not have a problem with the Word of Wisdom, I can apply it to my life. No matter what commandment the Lord gives, the Blessings are sure. All commandments can be applied to us. All general conference talks as well.  Love it
This has been a interesting week. General Conference was definitely the Highlight. Met a few really cool people, with all of them having similar situations. One in particular, was really interesting. Met this sister, who at the first time we met her, was not super interested in talking to us. I do not know if she just had a bad week, or was just not wanting to talk with us. We went back a few days later and talked with the sister again, this time she was very open. Found out that she no longer believes in the Catholic Religion due to many things that they are doing. One in particular, is with the whole statues thing, and people worshiping at statues. This bore testimony to me that people ARE searching for the truth. No matter who they are, they will come in your path. You may not know it at the time, or even the first time, but our job is to continue to invite them. Invite, not force, or make someone do something, but simply to invite.
Missionary work is awesome. We all, as members of the Restored Church, need to do our part. Missionary work is not just the Missionaries any more, it is every, single one of us. One of my favorite talks was in the Saturday afternoon session. for those of you who missed it, you can view it here
I hope that everyone had a great time watching conference. I wish everyone a marvelous week!
With Love,
Elder Wilson

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