We are the Workers in his Field

meme-duncan-forgiveness-1709340-gallerySo I do not even know where to begin. This has been a crazy last few weeks.

My companion and I, Elder Tolentino, continue to work super hard. I love it. There comes a sort of satisfaction from looking back, and knowing you worked the hardest you could have worked. How grateful I am for that. Truly working hard is a blessing, as not everyone wants to work as hard.

So, I have exciting news. We have a baptism scheduled for this week! His name is Tatay Pasay, and he is awesome. The rest of his family are members, and he has been taught for like 10 years. But, while I have been here, he has changed. It started before I got here, but I am the one who gets to see it. I was talking with Elder Tareka, who served here before, he was shocked with some of the people that are progressing. This just proves to me that: The Lord has workers. All of us are his workers. Some of us are the planters, others, the harvesters. Many more are in between. Some see the results of our efforts. But most of the time, it is the efforts of prior missionaries. But more than that, it is God. God is working through these people. It may seem pointless, but to God, nothing he does is pointless. SO grateful 😀

Next week is transfers, so it should be interesting to see what happens. Love it here!

Hope everyone has a marvelous week!


Elder Wilson


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