Serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before …

This has been a crazy week! I love it. Mainly because every night this week (with the exception of yesterday night) I came home flat out exhausted. I love this feeling, as I have not been able to feel like this at all during my Mission, and I am in Love. Feeling this tired has never been this rewarding, I love it.

My companion and I are doing everything we can. Unfortunately, we got punted for a majority of the week… Which resulted in Lots of talking to everyone. You know when you are on Thursday, and have only had 4 Lessons, something needs to improve (unless you are in Europe, than you are overzealous). Basta, we wanted to get 20 lessons and 210 TC. So, Friday, After getting punted again, we got 120 TC’s. Now, on Saturday, this is where the real fun begins. We had a appointment with one of our Members who lives 2 hours away by foot. So, we knew it would be awhile. But we decided to make the most out of our time. So, we talked with EVERYONE on the path. Needless to say, for the week we hit a good number. Why? Because I guess we saw everyone as someone who could be a member of the church. No matter who they were. People we would have passed by, we talked with. The whole goal to talk with everyone. Mainly because we do not know whom the lord has prepared.
Thank you to everyone for your support. I love the Mission 🙂 I have realized that the mission is one of the most helpful tools to become whom the Lord needs us to be. Before, the Lord might have been using a hand tool to make me whom he needs me to be. Now? He is using a laser Cutter, with Precision technique.
Hope everyone has a fun Holiday Season!
With Love,
^Elder Wilson^

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