Christmas in the PHILIPPINES

Christmas Time, Is here!

So, It is christmas here in the Philippines. No, there is no Snow (nor will there be), nor is there big Christmas Trees (not yet), but the Celebration has started. Christmastime is in the Ber Months (like SeptemBER, OctoBER,ETC.). Needless to say, Music is going on that is christmas related and everything.
Pretty normal week. Went on Exchanges in Viliaba, and it was pretty cool. Elder Santos, who is the same batch as my Tatay, was with me. We worked really well together. I remember how different Elder Santos was a year ago, and how different he is now. Time really does change people.
One thing I have realized this week, is how much the Mission Changes people. I look at Elder Santos, and see how Great of a Missionary he is. I look also at my companionship, and see things that would have bugged me when I first got here. I have learned to Love my companion FOR  our differences. It is soo awesome.
The mission is about becoming. On the Mission, we need not think how our companion can change, or how the Area can change, we must simply ask how can we change. We can not force our companion to change. We can not force the Area to change. We must simply do our best as a companion, and change ourselves. We must simply do our best as a Missionary, and the area will slowly change. Just like a painting, Change is not immediate, it takes time. At First, it seems pointless. But as time goes on, it turns into a marvelous masterpiece. Each different from the rest, but each becoming a masterpiece none the less.
I love Christmas time. It has turned into one of my favorite time on the Mission (and I love that it is 4 months long!). Mainly because I Get to serve the Lord. I can not think of a Greater Christmas. Yes, I may not get gifts. Yes, I may not get to see snow. But I can surely attest, Giving is better than receiving. Giving of our time and our effort is the best way to spend Christmas. I love Christ, and everything he has done for me. I love him so much 🙂 And I can not think of a better way to spend Christmas than to serve the Lord of Lord, the King of Kings, Jesus the Christ.
With Love,
Elder Wilson

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