Isabel-Week 1

So how Is everyone doing?

I am absolutely Phenomenal! I love it here. I really wish you guys could see what I am seeing, because it is gorgeous. (unfortunately, the internet is not the best… so for this area, you might be waiting till I get home if you want to see some of the photos)(like 1 photo every hour).
The work here is doing really well. It is so fun going up and talking to random people, and the best part is, they LOVE it! They love going and seeing Americans, and they are shocked that I know any Visaya. The people here are super nice.
The area I am in is in Ormoc, Literally right across the Way from Cebu (
We are right in the Middle of the Ocean, and Mountains. ) ( I can see Cebu Island from where we reside xD), so the Cebuano is the exact same as Cebu Cebuano. Luckily, mostpeople here understand some Waray, so my teaching is pretty Sagul (or Halo). It is nice here. Pretty similar to some of the other areas. The Ward is verymuch like the Branch in my First Area. Our Bishop is 31 Years old, and he is awesome!
TC’s here are a bit more difficult than in my last area, as most people stay inside. I actually feel more like this is a American Town, as most people stay inside, and do not really go out very much. Also with a feel of I have my religion. xD
I hope everyone has a marvelous week!
With Love,
Elder Wilson

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