Maayo Kaayo!

Hello Everyone!

So, We got transfers earlier today and I, Unfortunately, are now transferred. I love it here. The people here are awesome! Everyone here has taught me so much, How grateful I am for this 😀
So, Currently, I am in Western Samar, Waray Waray H. I just got transferred to Ormoc Zone, Isabel. Which is Cebuano! So, in other words, I am learning a completely different Language 😀 This should be a interesting experience haha.
Now, we had this really cool experience to share. This has been a interesting week, with us getting sick and the sort. Anyways, my companion was not feeling good, but we had not eaten Dinner yet. So, as always, we went by the Fried Chicken shops, but instead of buying anything, we kept walking. We then got to our favorite shop here in Catbalogan. Upon walking in, I saw this big Dog, and of course, I wanted to make friends her. What was supposed to be a quick, in and out, turned into a 90 minute visit. Once we had started talking to the owners and the sort, it became apparent that the Brother was not understanding our Waray. So, after asking him what would be easier, he told us English. The Brother is From Manilla and speaks really fluent English. So, of course, we talked to him. This was a bit different for me, speaking English, especially since we taught him the Restoration, in English. Talk about unexpected! This man had a lot of questions, and even more so, he had a lot of things that he believed about how the True Gospel should be run and stuff. Needless to say, alot of his statements were dead on with the Beliefs of the Gospel. Although not all of them, alot of them were the same (for example, he sees that most churches are made by man, not by god =Answer in the Restoration!). Needless to say, he has never met a Mormon before (at least a missionary), and has searched for religions all over the world. So, of course, we gave him the only English copy of the BOM in my Bag, and invited him to read. His response (which is currently not remembered by me) made it seem like he will read, with a true intent to know if it is true. If we had not been trying to talk with EVERYONE, we would probably have eaten and then went right home. But because we are trying to talk with EVERYONE, we met this absolutely marvelous individual. How grateful I am for the Opportunity to have met him 🙂 and his wife of course (who is from Tacloban!)
That is something interesting. We have met a lot of people this week, through TC’s, that had questions and that seemed interested. I always find that interesting, right when I see improvement in a area, (or now, in my language) Transfers.
You know, something I have learned about transfers. No matter how much you love an area, transfers are inevitable. But, I Know that Missionaries are not supposed to stay in one area. They are supposed to experience the Joy and Satisfaction of many Areas 🙂 #ToughLove
Hope everyone is having a marvelous week!
With Love,
Elder Wilson

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