“Give the Lord a generous portion of your time, He will multiply the remainder” Nelson

To All,

This has been a stupendous week! Really enjoying being in Catbalogan. and serving the people here.
So, 2 really awesome experiences happened this week. Both of them were on Saturday, With the smaller one ending last night. The Smaller one first:
So we were OYMing around Barangy 13. When we came to this side road that neither of us had taken before. So, we went up, and started talking to people. There were only about 3 houses up here, but out of those 3 houses we talked with all of them. One of them, the last of the 3, we talked with and the Nanay pretty much said “I am not interested, but here is my 16 year old daughter. Talk with her!” Normally, we would not do much more here, as our goal is not to flirt, but after giving the Nanay a Pamphlet, I felt prompted to give the Daughter one. After giving her one, we went on our way. Funnily enough, we were OYMing last night, in the park, and we saw this same Daughter. What are the coincidences? And she said that she read our message. Although I am unsure what will happen, it is so cool how  a little thing like that works out!
The second one was crazy. I almost think of this one as a best two years moment.
We were punted. Nobody was available for us to teach. It was Saturday, the day we normally get lessons like no other, and we were punted. We just dropped by Gennies to see if they were coming to church, and when we got out, my companion called for a trike. Since I still wanted to work up at the top, where we were, I found that to be interesting. It was 7 in the evening, we still had 2 hours to work. But, not sure if it was the spirit or not, I followed. When we got to the Bottom, we started OYMing some people. The 1st people we OYMed were pretty good. But relatively normal. The 2nd, we had just started when this YSA aged Brother told us to sit down next to him. After sitting down, we talked for a moment, then he wanted me to share with him a story about Christ. For any length of time. So, we shared with him and 20 other people. At the end of our 30 minute lesson, he asked for a Book of Mormon to read for himself to know if it is true.
Now the reason I think of that as a Best two years moment. I felt like my companion wanted to go to the bottom (eat the food because he was fasting) yet I wanted to continue to work. After following the companion, we found these 20 individuals that we would not have found, had my companion not wanted to go down. What I learned, is that although we may think we know best, the spirit works through each of us. Listen, Observe, then promptly Obey.
Hope everyone has a Marvelous week!
Elder Wilson

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