Back in Tacloban?! What?!!?!

es, I am back in Tacloban, but only for today. We will return again on Friday because….

My companion has a hurt leg. We played Ultimate Frisbee Last Monday (Yes, Ultimate Frisbee in The Philippines!) and he stepped in a hole and sprained it. We had a specilist check his leg, and he wants us to return on Friday, so that we shall be doing.
I actually feel a bit like my sister, Sister Wilson. She was just in her apartment for the last 3 weeks. I am grateful to hear that she is out 🙂 But either way
I may not have much to say, but I will say this, something I realized this past week, on Saturday actually. It does not matter what I want, or what you want. You can not ask the Lord for what you want. All we can do, as missionaries, is serve him with all of our heart, might, mind and strength. Oftentimes, it is easy for us to serve with our might and strength, yet we also have to dedicate our whole heart and mind to the task. This means that we must sacrifice. Sacrifice who we were, and what we wanted. We need to put our trust in the promise that no matter what we give up, the lord will bless us 100 times more than what we could ever imagine.
How grateful I am for this promise 🙂 I know that by us working our hardest, we will be blessed.
With Love,
Elder Wilson

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