Open Your mouth and it shall be filled

What a amazing week! Alot of things happened over this past week that I would like to share. Unfortunately, as those whom are RM’s know, our time to email is short, and therefore I will share those things of which I perceive to be of greatest Importance.

To start, We had a Zone Activity this past Monday (It literally feels like a transfer ago that it happened). It was so fun! Our mission is pushing Urgency right now. Urgency to talk to as many people as possible, Urgency to talk with as many people as possible. With the Goal of having 30 Testifying contacts every day, it makes it so great! I have never talked with so many different people in my entire life, it is AMAZING! I actually almost feel like I am at the Call Center again. We go out and talk to so many people. All we do is go up to them, talk with them for a minute, then just tell them who we are and something unique that we believe in, I LOVE IT! I love telling people that they CAN be with their family forever. It is such a great thing, So the activity, the Zone leaders had us go to these various locations and do certain things. Most of them, were teach a lesson, or do a TC (Testifying Contact). The thing is, it was a race, against the rest of the Zone. So we had a sense of Urgency. You see normally, we would spend a long time (maybe 10-15 minutes) OYMing one person. Now, we are OYMing nearly 3x that.
ZTM was amazing. We learned more about Urgency (which was really awesome because of the Zone activity the day before) so we learned a bit. The STL’s also taught about the importance of learning more and using more of PMG. They challenged everyone to use PMG atleast once during their personal study.
Something really cool I learned this past week. PMG is not only a manual for Missionaries, it is a manual for everyone. Alot of the things that PMG teaches, and a lot of things we learn as missionaries Prepares us for the next stage in Life. We practice finding, we practice urgency, we practice teaching, all to see who is a progressing investigator. The thing is, we are not practicing. These are real people. And I LOVE these people 🙂 they are amazing :DDD
The last thing I want to share is about my experience at Church Tomorrow. Our church service started a hour early, so our attendance was not that great. The part that really saddened me was that we did not have any Investigators at church. As a missionary, I feel as though we care so much about their salvation, that when they do not go to church, we think it is our fault. Although we know that it is not, we still feel that it is. I was given the assignment last minute (literally a minute before church started) to talk, due to the speaker not being present. In the beginning of church, I was trying to determine what I should speak about. I was going back and forth between Paying Tithing (which is one of the things needed to make Catbalogan into a stake) and reading the scriptures. Luckily, I was the 2nd speaker. So while the first one got up and spoke, I continued to try and seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost. As fate would have it, the first speaker spoke for 3 minutes…. I got up, not having any idea what to speak of. The first 30 seconds were brutal. I had no idea what to say, I had no idea what I would speak of. Then, I turned the book to a chapter in Howard W Hunter’s book, a chapter about feasting at the table of the Lord, Less actives. For the next 20 minutes, I gave a talk about less actives. Words seemed to just flow from my mouth, oftentimes I had no idea what I was saying. This grew my testimony of the “open your mouth and it shall be filled”. This is true. I had no idea what I was going to talk about, yet the Lord knew. He just wanted me to put my faith in him 🙂 Oh and Gennie came into church while I was talking!
I hope that everyone had a marvelous week!
With Love,
Elder Wilso

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