Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

image-01So I would like to provide a brief update with some cool things that happened this past week. Well one cool thing, and a exchange I went on.
So for the cool experience: We were going around, working on OYMing this week. Since one of my favorite things to do is Eat Fried Banana, we went to the Fried Banana stand and starting talking to the owner, After a few minutes, she invited us in and we kept talking. After about 10 minutes, this individual started coming over and wanted to argue with us. He talked about how we are iglacian and the sort. After trying to explain to him, and testify, he kept going. Just when I was about to respond, the shop owner, and another individual came over and started telling him what we truly believed and the sort. I was really shocked. My companion actually thought they were members. Afterwards I asked them why they knew these things. They both shared how when they were younger, they had a friend who was a member, and who told them who Members of the Church really are. Really cool. I want to commend all those members who are living as members, not living as something else. Living the gospel can be one of the most powerful missionary tools. So keep doing it! although missionaries everywhere would love to work with you, they need your example as well. YOur example is what will help someone see that this is the true and restored gospel. How Grateful I am!
Lastly, I went on a exchange with Elder Ferrer. Really awesome guy! We spoke Waray almost the entire time, except for the fact that we worked in a Tagalog area. Really insightful for me, to remind me that the Lord truly is in charge. I was also reminded of where my current companion is, Elder Seuga. He probably feels the same way with Waray, as I did with Tagalog. Luckily, the Lord is in charge, and I just need to open my mouth. Just by opening our mouths are we able to achieve what the Lord needs for us to accomplish. How grateful I am for this 🙂 The exchange was really awesome! I really like going on exchanges, not to get away from my companion, but so that I can learn from as many missionaries as possible 🙂 Although it is such a short time, it really is a blessed opportunity.
Also, it rains nearly every day, and the weather is really awesome! I love it here! I am so grateful for my mission, both the Good and Bad. As we know, from the Book of Mormon, there is a opposition in all things, this includes the mission! Hope everyone has a marvelous week!
With Love,
^_^ Elder Wilson ^_^

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