General Conference-April 2016

Talk about amazing. I loved watching general conference. It is such a insightful and meaningful time. Funny fact, I finished my first journal on Friday with My first entry into my new journal on Saturday, the first day of General Conference. Some of my Favorite talks were All on Sunday; Elder Chrstopherson, President Uchtdorf (both from Sunday Morning)  and the final talk, by Elder Holland. I loved Elder Hollands talk, almost because I see myself in it. We all want to measure up. As I have seen, A bar has been elected. Certainly goals and requirements are needed, but what if we do not measure up? Through all of our trying and efforts, what if we fall short? We will all fall, fall down, fall short, etc. The keyword is, fall. The priority that we must have is that we must continue to press forward. Press forward with faith. We all want the good to last. We all want to be perfect. But the truth is, neither of those things happen. As with every good, there is a bad. And on our path to perfection, we will all stumble. That does not mean for us to sit back and expect that nobody can be perfect. It means that we must try our hardest, push forward with hope. Although we may not be able to fully live the commandments, we need to be working toward it. We all have limitations that do not measure up, do not be cast down in spirit. We must seek to do the right, seek to become. Seek.


One of my favorite things about Elder Holland’s talk, is that is was different. It was so refreshing to be instructed about his love, and the love of his fellow apostles.


one of the Main things I got out of General conference is that affliction is needed to improve. Without affliction, we are unable to improve. Look at nearly everything. Affliction allows a pot to become gorgeous, marble to be refined, a diamond to become perfected. Affliction is a necessary part of life, one that is not easy, but is rewarding. Although Affliction will, at some times, feel like it is too much. God WILL NOT give us more then we can handle, even if we think we cant. We are in a refiners fire, will we stay in and let the lord change us or will be try to get out?


Last thing I would like to share, It is about D&C 4. Serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength. What does it mean, serve with all your heart?  Throughout my mission, I thought I loved these people. I thought I loved my companion. I thought I loved people when they chose not to follow a commitment. This week, I realized that I was wrong. Although I did Love them, I started praying for the power to love these people more. I realized that through this prayer, my love for the People here is greater then It was, and will continue to grow as we pray for it. Although I thought I had it, I did not. We all have room to improve, even if we think we have it down. Let us each seek to become better, even where we think we should be.


Hope everyone has a marvelous week!


With Love,


Elder Wilson


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