Miracles ^_^

So Talk about Miracles. I would like to share a Miracle that we have received this past week.

We have been focused a lot on Finding this past week. We have been doing so much, and handing out so many Restoration and Book of Mormons, that before we noticed it, we ran out.  We really wanted to continue finding, but not having the materials we desired, we were praying and hoping for a miracle. Friday, we got one. We had received a phone call from Elder Nelson, letting us know that he would be down here on Monday to deliver a smoke detector, and if we needed supplies that he would bring those. Literally a direct answer to our prayer, I love it! I love how God Blesses his missionaries
This has been a pretty cool week, one that has really been influenced by 2 miracles. The one that I shared above, and One other one. This one deals with a Investigator by the Name of Gennie, and a Less active by the name of Nelson.
Now Nelson, he is the husband of Gennie, but unfortunately they are not married. We have been asking them over and over again what the plans for their marriage is, but they keep saying that they have a plan, but not giving a proper date. This past week in District meeting, we were given a thought of Talking with them about a marriage date, then seeing if they could come up with a date. Through the spirit, and working with a member, we got a date, the weekend of July 8/9th. So excited for this family. I love the little ways that God blesses us.
Something really cool happened on Sunday though. We were visiting a member, Jovitt, at his boarding house. While there, a bunch of new students came through and wanted to figure out stuff about Mormon Missionaries. We talked with them a bit, and before we left, they really wanted us to sing. The one requirement we gave is that it had to be a hymn. I thought a good hymn to sing would be Hymn # 136, I know that my Redeemer Lives. My companion did not want to sing, so I did a solo. Such a sweet spirit that song brings, I love it 🙂
Although the email is not much (mainly because I forgot everything that has happened due to the fact that after I write down a day in my journal, it is like sucked from my memory until I read my Journal entry). Training is going good though, and my trainee is doing awesome.
Hope everyone has a marvelous week!

With Love,
Elder Wilson

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