Miracles DO happen

DSCN0059-minSo this was an absolutely amazing week. As always, a lot has happened, and as I imagine, a lot will continue to happen.

This has been a special week. I had a child.
By child, I mean that I am currently Training! The reason I mention child, is because that is what we call them, Anak. Anak means child, and to me, I am his Tatay or Father. This is really cool, mainly because we think of them as our child, and we want what is best for them, Whatever that might be. But I love the fact that we think of them as our children, our mission children. So we go and spend 12 weeks preparing them for their missions. It is one of the greatest responsibilities to train, and I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity that the Lord has given me.
Now let me tell you a bit about him, His name is Elder Seuga. He is from Perth Austrailia and he is actually fully Samoan. He moved from Samoa when he was a younger kid and spent his last 4 years in Australia. He is a pretty awesome guy, and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to work with him.
So interesting fact about my companion, he speaks fluent Samoan, and he speaks fluent English. He has a intense desire to learn the language and I am excited to help him along this journey.
So yes, I am still in Catbalogan. I actually saw Elder Tayam, my Tatay, on the way to Tacloban. He was being transferred to Biliiran. It was somewhat interesting, seeing my Tatay, on my way to become a Tatay.
I will tell you this, The lord qualifies those whom he calls, he does not call the qualified. I have seen so many miracles in my life, and I would Like to share one.
So the language is something that I have always struggled with. Whether it was not understanding a question, or not being able to fully communicate my feelings. Well with training someone who is not Filipino, you end up being the language. You end up teaching most of the lessons (while trying to involve your anak as much as possible). The lord blessed me with this one, I was able to understand pretty much every question (if not every question) that was being asked due to me being the only missionary in our duo that can understand, and to be able to teach with clarity. This is not due to me, but due to our Lovingly Father in Heaven. He is our Father, and cares a lot about this work. He will help you.
So wherever you are, whether you are just starting learning a new language for your mission (Cough Cough Sister Wilson), or whether you are the most fluent speaker, The Lord has and will help you. I know this to be true.
One last thing, I love missionary work. I love devoting all my time and effort focusing on the lord. I am actually somewhat jealous of my Anak. He still has 2 years. 2 Years of service to the Lord. I do not know what I would give to restart my time. 2 years is a glorious time, that I am so glad that I get to be serving. There is nothing Else I would rather be doing, and nowhere Else I would rather be. I have seen the Mission change me, and I know that it will change my Anak and anyone else who chooses to serve

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