So this week was National Service Day in the Philippines. Well, this past Saturday Was. So we ended up getting together as a Catbalogan Branch (2 Branches here) and gave service. We went around for 2 hours picking up posters (from the Election), Trash, and other misc. Things. Such a good opportunity to serve. So many posters as well! Pictures should be up over the next few weeks with how the service project went, and what it looked like.

One thing I have learned more this week, is that the Lord knows us. Even when it does not seem like he is talking to us, hearing us, or even caring about us, he does. He loves us more then we could ever know. I remember I was at this Funeral service for a member, one whom I had never before met or talked to. Yet looking at him in the Coffin, I had this immense Love for him. A love that I could never ever have felt, if it wasn’t for the Love of Christ.
The weather here has been pretty much the same. Raining about once a week, to once every other week. Still very hot, still very fun. reminds me a bit of Texas in the Summer. Hot Talaga, but that is alright. Luckily, we have unbrellas and Ice water.
Mothers Day here was pretty normal. In fact, it was somewhat overlooked due to the Elections being the Day after. My companion got up and gave a very sweet talk about the importance of Mothers. Mothers, In Tonga are treated with very high respect, one that I have never before seen. It reminded me to be grateful for my mother, and everything that she does.
I would like to close with saying thank you to my Mom. She has always supported me, no matter what I do. She loves me, and I will always be grateful for what she done for me. Although I was not perfect, I know that she has always done what she felt best as a mom.
I hope everyone has a great day,
Elder Wilson

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