Missionary Work!

This has been a good week. It was really weird not having conference (not watching it that is) on the first week. Instead, we watch it next week 😛

A rather normal week. Unfortunately our English class did not have as many people go as we would have liked (only 1 kid showed up). Hopefully more people show up next week but We are unsure.

I would like to share a experience we had with teaching a Less Active. Now here, unlike in America, the Less Actives are both the Branch and Missionaries objective. We were instructed in our last training a few weeks ago to focus on LA Perspective Elders. Having found out that about half of them are either dead or in Manilla, we were finishing up finding the rest of them. One in Particular, we met with this past week, Brother Estopin. He was baptized at age 8, but pretty much went less active right away. His parents were not the most active of people, and he did not have a lot of support. Upon us arriving, and talking with him, you could tell that us visiting him meant something. Having been less active for more then 20 years, he was slightly emotional. Since we have only taught him once, I can not give a follow up, but I have high hopes for this man. Hopefully it will work out for the better

Hope everyone had a marvelous week, and a marvelous time watching conference!

Elder Wilson


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