Dulag Forever!

love01  This week
I am still in Dulag for another cycle (So much excitement). This week has flown by. I still can’t believe that last week was transfers, it feels like forever ago. One more cycle here, I am blessed for that opportunity. This area is amazing, and the members are fantastic as well.
We had a few special guests here yesterday; We had 2 Rm’s who served here with their wives. We had a total of 6 Americans here, 2 of which served missions in Tacloban, their wives, and my companion and I. As rare as this was, it begun putting everything into perspective. Something I noticed this week, is that the entire apartment I am in is full of people who are leaving this year. All of them leave around my year mark. They are working their hardest, so in essence they are helping me work harder then I probably would have. Rather then focusing on how long till they go home, they are focused on the work. It makes me want to work harder, and become the best person I can become. Then, after seeing those RM’s, I realized how short the mission actually is. They served in 2009-2011, and all they want is to be back serving. This time that we have to serve is short, so let us make the most of it.
Time is running short (slow internet means less emailing)
Hope you have a marvelous week!
Elder Wilson

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