Each day is a day of decision, and our decisions determine our destiny.

12718178_10154070996595649_4507756282320989833_nI have been thinking a lot about this quote during this past week. The zone leaders (the one’s who we are housemates with) are creating a shirt this week, and that is the quote that we decided to put on it. I have been thinking about how a decision will impact so much. I am reminded about how a single decision can impact not only the here and now, but in the future. How if we choose to obey, will impact the decisions not only today, but a week, month or even a year from now. We have the choice about what decisions we will pursue, but we can not choose the consequences from those decisions.


15  And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lordchoose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


Each day is a day of choices. When we make a certain choice, we choose which god whom we will serve.


This mission is amazing. I am learning so much, and am blessed daily. Something that I started doing a week ago, is keeping a gratitude journal.  I start each day with a question of, How did God Bless me today? I then, at the end of the night, think of how God did bless me. I have seen this help so much, in being more grateful and more thankful for the small things that god has blessed me with. Even when a day is difficult, thinking of how I have been blessed helps the day turn from a bad one, to a good one. We are blessed every day, we just need to look for how to recognize it. As President Eyring Said,  “If you do that long enough and with faith, you will find yourself remembering blessings.  And sometimes, you will have gifts brought to your mind which you failed to notice during the day, but which you will then know were a touch of God’s hand in your life.”


Each day is a day of day of choices


I realized over these past few weeks why so many people want the youth to go on missions. I realized that a mission is something that is unique, and a time that is unlike any other. Missions are a time where change is inevitable, and where each person can become the person who we were made to become, who Our Heavenly Father wants us to become. A time where 100% of our time is spent serving the Lord. In reality, we have 100% available, but the question is how will we spend that time. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend my time serving. Although I am far from perfect, I know that, as it says in Preach my Gospel, when you “have done your very best, you may still experience disappointmentsbut you will not be disappointed in yourselfYou can feel certain that the Lord is pleased when you can feel the Spirit working through you.”


Preach my Gospel Chapter 1
I know that as we do our best, the Lord will do the rest. The lord has already paid it all in full, so therefore all we need to do is our best!


I hope you all have a marvelous week. I invite you to take time daily to think about how the Lord has blessed your life. I know that as you do this, the Lord will bless you further.
Elder Wilson



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