Specialized Training!

12474107_10154501516085260_6669982206581344190_oThis has been a outstanding week. We had a zone conference as well as a Specialized training for 3 zones. We focused on Mission culture, of in other words, what you do when President Is not around. We spent a majority of the time talking about what we want the mission to be, then how to achieve those things. The table I was at, came up with some really good Ideas. My favorite thing though, is to be like Christ. Christlike attributes are something that is very difficult to obtain, some of them are easier then others. But in order for us to be truly happy, we need to focus on those attributes. Through focusing non these, we can truly become representatives of Jesus Christ.

The mission is amazing. I realized that change on a mission is like faith, it rarely comes at once. Change (for me at least) comes step by step, little by little. Then, looking back, you can see how you have truly changed. This change may not be noticeable at first, but it is there. If you are being obedient and following the commandments, you will change.

Scripture study
I can not tell you how important scripture study is. I recall before my mission, I would take just a short time to read the scriptures. I would take the necessary time to call it done. Yes, I would be intrigued by the words, But I do not believe I have taken it that seriously. On my mission, I have seen what Happens to those who read to read, or who do not read at all. Reading the scriptures is a chance for God to be in your life. By reading the scriptures, you have a desire to be obedient, a desire to follow the commandments, and a desire to do what you should be doing. Scripture reading is very important.

Talking about obedience, I have recognized the importance of the following: Your loyalty is first to the Lord, then to your mission president, then to your companion.. Which is so true! Too often, we may wish to not be obedient or to follow the crowd (aka care what others think of you) but in reality, we should not care what anyone else thinks, but the Lord. If you are obedient, then you need not worry what other missionaries will think of you. The lord knows your heart, who else can know that? Anyways, I hope everyone had a amazing week, keep up the good work!

Elder Wilson

My dad Sent me this, and I wish to share

Learn to love without condition
Talk without bad intention.
Give without any reason.
And most of all, care for people
without expectation.


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