So, We found out about transfers. Yes, I am still in Dulag, Elder Tayam got transferred. The funny thing is the finding out part. So, The Zone leaders find out mid-day. We had went to MacDo (McDonald) to meet up with some other elders because Elder Schulkins had my flash drive. While we were waiting, the phone call came, Transfers. Elder Tayam is being transferred up to Catarman, one of the furthest areas away from Tacloban. My new companion actually was sitting next to me, Elder Schulkins. His last area was about 20 minutes away in Browan, so that is slightly odd. We were both pretty shocked. I love it though!

This has been a super busy week, also slightly stressful. Since Elder Schulkins did not know the area, it was up to me to know where everyone and everything is. Puts a bit of pressure, but It was good! I actually did not feel super stressed, only because I knew exactly who we were to visit, and I felt prepared (thank you Elder Tayam). It was a good week, And I feel like it is going to be a better transfer. Things are being done a bit differently, which is good. Elder Schulkins has been in the Mission for 15 months, so he is well acquainted with the Filipino Culture, and the languages. He is helping me with the language, and is always supportive of me.

Lastly, I would like to send a congratulations to my sister Sarah (or should I say Sister Wilson) on her Mission Call, Brazil Curitiba mission, leaving May 11th (3 days after Mothers day!) I am really proud of her, and am ecstatic on her decision to serve the Lord. I know that she will love her mission, and she will love the Brazilians even more. Go Sister Wilson!!!

Although this last 12 weeks has gone super quick, I am glad for change. Without change, we would not improve. Without change, the Lord could not mold us into who we need to be. Without change, we would still be with our Father in heaven. Change is what is needed. To progress, we need change. But let us internalize this change, internalize it to the fullest ability. Only through internalizing this change, can we truly change. Hope everyone was a absolutely marvelous week.

Elder Wilson


Forgot one thing, about the Worldwide missionary devotional.

So for the First time in like 10 years they did a worldwide missionary devotional. They had a few of the apostles there, and they just focused on missionary work and how we can improve. The title of the talk was Teach repentance, and Baptize converts. This is what we need to do. Teach Repentance to the people around us. If someone has not repented of their sins, truly repented, and they join the church, they may go less active because of these habits. Repentance is what is needed in order to be truly happy. I loved Elder Bednar, talking about how we can not force people to listen to our message. We are able to bring it to the doors of their heart, but if they do not open their heart or have a desire to change, then we can not do anything further. We just need to create a environment where the spirit CAN reside. If we do our part, it is then their choice what to do next. Such a marvelous training, and one that I was ecstatic about being a part of. 75,000 Missionaries and counting!

Loved the Devotional!

Till next week,
Elder Wilson


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