District Conference

So this week, I had my first District conference. We had about 650 total people there! It was awesome!!! Before it started, they played the CES Devotional broadcast, in English! I loved watching these at home, and watching them on my mission is absolutely phenomenal as well! I love President Nelson, and the way he talked was extraordinary. My favorite quote from the talk was by his wife, “When we enter the temple, we leave the world of make-believe.”Which is absolutely true!

The District Conference was great! Our branch had 93 people there, which is the most that has been there in the last 12 weeks! Our branch keeps growing and is slowing starting to become a ward! It is so great on the progress that they are trying to make.

Had our interviews with president this past week. He talked about how obedience is one of the most crucial things you can do on the mission. Although some missionaries will choose not to be obedient, It is your choice. We all have a choice. For some reason Obeidence seems harder on the mission. Before the mission, I felt as though Obedience was something that came easier. But here is a bit harder. Yet I know of the importance of obedience. Only through Obedience can we improve, only through obedience can we become the man that god will have us be.

In our training, there was emphasis on two main points. You are either moving forward or moving backward. You either are obedient and accept your calling, or are disobedient/not accept your calling and therefore move backward. I think this is true in all aspects, we either accept what the lord gives us, or we do not. When we do not do what we know is right, we move backward. Secondly, In the white handbook their are Always and nevers, those are the things that we must always do, and never do. Some of the most important rules are present.

I hope everyone has a marvelous week! Hope that you enjoyed the CES Devotional, and hope you have a marvelous time keeping up with your new years resolutions!

Elder Wilson


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