January 17, 2016

So this week I have had mixed feelings, and those feelings are getting even more so. This is week 12 of my training, which means that it is the final week that I am a trainee. This is really weird for me, because It feels like yesterday that I arrived in the Philippines and Now, I am almost done with the first part of my journey. It is even more weird that my companion is about to leave. He started packing this last week in expectation of our transfer. With how the new transfers go (going directly to your area) this should be a fun experience. I am saddened because of how well we work together, and how much I have learned, But I know that this is the way missionary life is going to go. I love my area, and Am glad that I will probably be staying, I just know that within 6-12 weeks I too will be transferred. I love it here, but change is what is needed.

So this week was really good. My love for Dulag is growing rapidly, as I see its progression and see how much better it is right now! The Tiu family is doing absolutely phenomenal! They are progressing and continuing to come to church and keep their commitments. We also met the SanDagan family two weeks ago, and we taught them again last week. Generally if you teach a family twice, the family will allow you to continue teaching them which is awesome! They are a awesome family! Although They have not come to church, I feel so much love for them it is awesome! They are a great family as well!!!

Yesterday we watched (a week late as we do not have satellite here) the area devotional. They shared the area objective as well as area goals for this coming year. Really inspirational and awesome (as I have not experienced that in the States, I thought it was pretty cool). The district here decided to apply these goals right away. They had everyone share the numbers from the prior year, and set goals for this year. One of the goals which I loved was sacrament meeting attendance. We had 81 average last year. This year, our goal is 200. No other branch or ward were trying to increase by 119, so I found that to be awesome! Goal setting is a act of prayer and faith. For a goal like that to be achieved, faith is what is needed.

I am loving it out here. There is nothing that I would rather be doing at all. Sharing the gospel every day is one of my favorite things to do. Although some times it is difficult, it is what is needed to progress. As I was reading Howard W. Hunter’s book this morning, I came across this quote which I will end with.

Resistance creates both the opposition and the forward movement.
Only through having resistance can we move forward. All throughout our lives we will experience this. But only by having it, trusting in the lord,and having his help with bearing those burdens, can we truly move forward.

I would like to wish everyone a marvelous week. And I hope that everyone is enjoying the new year.

Elder Wilson


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