January 2016

This week was a fantastic week! We had a lot going on, but still ended up doing everything we needed to.

I am grateful to be out here. It is a amazing and humbling experience to be out with the people of the Philippines. They make me happy all the time I love it! Especially now, since I understand more of the language, I am able to talk with people more. Sometimes I feel Like I do not know any more of the language, but I am proven wrong when I talk with people and understand a decent amount of what they say. Although I do not understand everything, I can have a conversation in Waray Waray, which is somewhat of a surprise to me. Also, since I understand more, and have tried more new foods, members are more willing to feed us and work with us.

Today was my first district activity. We climbed this smallish mountain to go to this statue of Jesus in Tolosa; really cool as well as gorgeous sight. I love that we can do that here!

Sorry not a lot this week, short on time. Off to teach, then do Laba (or washing clothes by hand). Will send pictures next week of my Tolosa journey.


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