Christmas in Dulag – 2015

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas!

So, Christmas here is celebrated for about 3 months (starts in September and goes till December and possibly mid January). Everyone stays up till 12 on Christmas eve eating food, and just waiting until 12. Unfortunately, Missionaries were supposed to be in bed at normal time. The funny thing is, I was informed that new years is the big celebration, not Christmas, So this week should be fun haha.

Christmas was good though. We had a total of 4 dinner appointments in which we ate a lot of food. We had Lechon twice (which is where they take a pig and roast it). It was definitely different, but it was Marasa! (delicious). Everyone here loves to feed the missionaries, and are not satisfied unless you eat a lot of food haha!

It was a amazing week! We had our Christmas devotional on Tuesday, our Christmas party on Wednesday, Christmas on Friday, and skyping shortly thereafter.

Our Christmas party was a huge success! We had about 150 people there, both members, non members alike! It was amazing! Who knew! Oh and there were two potential missionaries there. They were each given a “gift” of their mission calls! they are both going to the Philippines!!! It was so awesome haha! The ward here is great, so supportive, so helpful!

I am grateful that I got to spend Christmas in the Philippines. Although it is different then in Texas, I am extremely grateful to share this message, the simple message of the restored gospel. Although I am away from my family, I am helping other families come unto Christ! 2 Years is a small price to pay to bring a family to the knowledge of the restored gospel.

Interesting fact, even in the Philippines I am considered short 😛 People yell out short American all the time hahaha! ? I guess that is how it will be haha

Thank you everyone for your support! Hope you have a amazing new years! where-ever you are, start the new year with a new hope, a hope for a better tomorrow!

Elder Wilson


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