Christmas in Dulag

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a great one! Everyone has begun putting up
Christmas decorations and they are awesome! Some of the most unique
one’s that I have seen.

The work has somewhat slowed down this last week (sadly) but that is
because everyone is going to Tacloban, or Manila, or at a Christmas
party. The rain has not helped either (with flooding and such, making
it difficult to go to all of our areas). But, we were actually blessed
because we could not go to our area

We had planned on going to this area, but since our path was blocked
by standing water about 100+ yards long, we decieded that we would go
finding instead. At the end of our finding session, we were walking to
this part member family when this little girl said “americano” so, I
waved and we decided to walk over there and talk to them. We then
proceeded with showing them the Christmas video! THe spirit was so
strong there, I loved it! It is so great how the lord puts people in
our path. I have learned the importance of talking with everyone, even
on our way to a appointment. My companion is very good at this, with
just being flexible with time and such.

Since this week has been shorter then the last one, I would like to
finish with the following. This is the Christmas season, one of joy,
laughter, and most of all remembrance of our savior. I am grateful to
be out here, out here devoting all my time to focusing on him and
bringing others unto him. This bringing of others is outstanding. This
Christmas, let us remember our savior. Let us remember that he is the
Christmas, the reason for it. This Christmas, I challenge you to
remember the gift, the gift of Jesus Christ. Therefore, Embrace the
gift, and give a gift. Give a gift to Christ that is unique and
special. Whether it be a bad habit, a gift to someone that is in
need, whatever it might be. I know that the Lord will magnify your
efforts and will bless those you come into contact with

THank you so much for your example to me! Your example is one that I
am grateful for (whether you are a member, or non member, thank you!

Hope you have a marvelous Christmas season, and a absolutely
splendifourous Christmas.


Elder Wilson


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