Christmas on the way

This week has been a marvelous one! If you were wandering, yes I did
survive the Typhoon, which was definitely a experience haha. It was
stage one where I was at, but still…

This week was good, my companion and I are using the mormon christmas
video like crazy! It brings the spirit so well, I love it, and I love
sharing about Christ!

Christmas is lighting up over here, everyone is putting up christmas
trees ( I will be taking some pictures of them this week hopefully
because they are very unique). The Filipinos are very resource
friendly, they use everything! and they look absolutely cool, You will
see what I am talking about next time.

Lot’s of transfers this week. Nearly half of the zone leaders got
transferred, including the one that is in our apartment. He left, and
told me how we were probably going to get a Filipino. Yet, shortly
thereafter, we found out it was a american haha! It is one of the rare
things for 2 Americans to be in the same apartment but it does happen.

So, last week we had President Arden, from the first quorum of the 70
came in. He taught so wonderfully! one of the key things that I got
out of his teaching was appearance. He had 2 sets of missionaries go
up. My companion and I were first. He wanted me to teach him
something, anything, so I started teaching him about the Book of
Mormon. It was awesome because he showed me what I am doing right, and
What I could improve on. It was personal assistance for my companion
and I. Then, another pair of missionaries came up. the less tenured
companion is a transfer older then me (my senior batch). He tells them
to go and prepare a lesson, teaching about the first point in the
first lesson; that god is our loving heavenly father. The first thing
he does is comment on the shoes though, he states that shoes must be
cleaned before leaving the apartment (which is key). So to keep a
clean, well dressed appearance before you leave. This applies to
clothes as well as just appearance. Although We were already aware of
this, it was just good to get a refresher on it.

learned a lot, but that is what I wanted to share!

Christmas is next week! Super excited to see what Christmas is like
here, in the Philippines. I was told everyone feeds you, so that is


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