Week 013

New photo’s have been added

This week has been a great one! I am learning so much, especially
about the Love of god.

The christmas spirit is so powerful! the christmas message can be
shared with regards to any topic, any element of the gospel, and in
this christmas season it makes for a great tie-in to the gospel. I
love the message (and the videos, check out christmas.mormon.org if
you have not already, or pasko.mormon.org for the Filipino version)

Something interesting though. Although we speak Waray Waray, our
investigators speak a variety of languages ranging from tagalog, waray
waray, and Cebuano. So, that means that I am learning a mixture of all
3 haha. All of our pamplets in our area are Tagalog though, So I am
learning a bit of that with just the pamplet area.

I seriously love christmas, we listen to christmas music all the time
and have a opportunity to feel the unqiue spirit that comes along with

I was reading the Ezra taft benson manual this week, and found it so
edifying. I love the first quote, which talks about how if we put god
first, everything else will fall in their proper place, or will fall
out of our lives. This is so true! That is why it is the first
commandment, and why it is essential to put his church first. If you
put god before all else, then he has a opporunity to bless everything
else. That is what I am focusing on this week, is putting him first.
For one, we need to put him first on our mission. And if we put him
first, pray to him often, and try to communicate, the rest of our life
will be blessed. Putting him first blesses the rest of our lives. Just
reading about President Benson’s life, he sacrificed time with his
family, time with his wife, in pursuit of what god wanted. What god
wants is more important then any pursuit of what we want. and what he
wants, is the best thing that we could ever search for. Hopefully I
will be able to remember this, even when I would rather do something
else, I need to remember that God goes first. I love it! and I love
god! That is one of the reasons I am here, to share this message with
others. To share the Love of god with these people here. I love the
people out here, although the language is still proving somewhat
difficult, the Lord is blessing me with understanding what they need,
and how best to help them. Love god, that is what I am learning. and
trust in him, even when others may not. The following quote, taken
from the book is super cool!

The great test of life is obedience to God. “We will prove them
herewith,” said the Lord, “to see if they will do all things
whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them” (Abraham 3:25).

The great task of life is to learn the will of the Lord and then do it.

The great commandment of life is to love the Lord.

It is true, obedience and loving god is the greatest of the
commandments. I know this to be true, and I know that Loving God will
help bring those that I come in contact with unto christ.

My companion is starting to let me kind of set up how the day goes,
which is proving to take more time then normal. This week is going to
be really good! we have the mission tour, in which we have the area
authority coming down on wednesday! should be a fun day full of
inspiration and knowledge that I can apply to those That I am

P.S. the bread here is outstanding! and it rains nearly every day haha!

Elder Wilson


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