Week 012

Well, this week has been a absolutely STUPENDOUS week!

I am growing to love these people here, more then ever. I want to share the gospel with everyone, every day. It was so awesome, how on Sunday One of the RC’s that we have, as well as a investigator who came to church for the first time on Sunday! I was SOOOOO happy when he came to church, it made me “shout for Joy” as the scriptures call it. I am loving it when investigators come to church, or those whom are less active. I am loving it out here!

Although things are so different, I am learning the culture. My companion is helping me so much with this, including with things that I may not real;ize that I am doing. It is so helpful to have someone who understands the Filipino people so well! For instance, he will tell me when something I say, or do might be offensive. Simple things like this help me learn what to say (or not say for that matter) and what to do.

Interestingly enough, everyone is shocked that me and Elder Tayam are getting along so well. There have been a few instances of where they do not work well together (Americans and Filipinos). But, the key (which I learned the first week) is thinking ‘what can I do to change’? Not what can my companion change, but what can I change. and also, being humble (which I was working on in the MTC). So many attributes that are being quickly changed.

Had my first exchange this week! It was with the companion of the District Leader, Elder O’Brian. at the end, we talked about our goals and our strengths that we see in eachother. It was really edifing with everything that was said. Exchanges are a amazing opportunity to learn from the other missionary. To see what they do differently, and what you can do to change. Change is awesome!

One thing I have noticed that is consistant in my progression, is that the Lord will give me a Really hard day. Then, when I might be about to quit he lessens my burden. the next 2 or so weeks I am blessed. The lord blesses us! This blessing is so great! I love the Lord so much, and I love these people as well! Although they are different, they have so many good attirbutes that I am gaining!

As my companion said, take all the attributes of the Philippines. Look at the good attributes of the people here, and apply them to your life. That is what I am working on!

Hope everyone has a absolutly Marvelous week!

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