Week 011 – In his service

This has been a amazing week!


Firstly, Thank you for all your prayers, they have been felt this week and I am grateful!


Secondly, There will be no photos this week, I am on a computer that probably has virus’s and therefore will not send some till next week. We are having our P-day on Thursday due to a few different things.


Now, This week has been great! It was really hot in the beginning of the week, then on saturday it rained. All day it rained. Which was nice, because it dropped the temperature into the mid 70s. it was super nice, because the temperature in our room dropped to a confortable 83 (usually high 80s), which was AWESOME!


So yesterday, at our special sacrament, these members gtave me some sugar cane (yes the real stuff) and I got to have some. It is very interesting, as you chew it, such the sugar water out, and throw the rine away. It was interesting.


Today, we had my first Zone activity. It, was, AWESOME! we went to a waterfall! (too bad about the pictures too 😛 because they are awesome!) The waterfall was a good distance away, and I have a few photos haha. we have only one pair of sisters in our zone, and one is going home after this transfer (so in like 2 weeks), she will be home for christmas (that is one awesome christmas gift haha).


I love it out here! So many things happen, and the Lord CONTINUES to bless me opn a daily basis. Every day we are blessed, and for that I am grateful!


Thank you so much for all that you guys do! This week has been a lot easier, and I still feel like I am so far behind on the language. Everyone says That I am improving, but I guess that I will not see it, until it actually happens. The zone leader who is in our apartment, says that I have improved a lot. I guess I shouldn’t expect perfection in my first 3 weeks hahaha.


Excited for christmas coming up in a few weeks. We have already been invited to many different events, and that includes a christmas caroling to less actives. Christmas here is awesome! Everyone is so excited, and it makes sharing the gospel so easy! I love how easy it is to talk to non-members. Everyone is outside, and everyone is so friendly. Even in 90/100 degree weather, we still find people.

LDS Temple from the oval reflecting pool. Taken just after sunrise. HDF of 7 shots blended and tonemapped using Photomatix (settings below). In PS: - Imagenomic Noiseware, once with default settings on the building and once full noise reduction for the water and sky. - Clone out trash in the pool. - Freaky detail. - Smart sharpen. - Curves. Strength: 100.0 Color Saturation: 78.0 Luminosity: 8.1 White Clip: 1.055250 Black Clip: 0.276400 Smoothing Mode: Slider Smoothing: -5.7 Microcontrast: 4.4 Microsmoothing: 6.8 Gamma: 1.2

P.S. the christmas video that is going to realeased by the church this week is AMAZING, share it with everyone! We got to see it 2 weeks ago, and it brings the spirit of christmas so lovely! Watch it, and tell me what you think!


I am so glad to be a missionary. Just a regular missionary. since we have zone leaders in our apartment, I see all the extra work and focus he must perform. we, on the other hand, get to focus on the members all the time. Love the members, and it is AWESOME! I am so glad to be here, because I do not know of where the people, zone activies, the people, the less expensive food, the people (did I mention people) are better!


Hope you have a good next week! Hope you enjoy the cooler weather, because it might actually snow in texas for christmas haha


Have A Stupendous week!



Elder Wilson



Elder Wilson

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