Week 010 – Dulag

This has been a, interesting week. I will say that this week, the Lord is pushing me to my limits. But this is a good thing, but at the same time, a hard thing. But the lord asks us to do hard things.

The reason that this week has been so hard is that I feel Like I am not fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. I go to lessons, and since I understand Little to no waray waray, I feel like I am useless in lessons. All I generally do is Testify, and maybe share a point or two. I oftentimes feel like I am a member, a member who goes with the missionaries. Yet I am progressing, but I do not see a lot of this progression sadly. Others do, which is helpful! I have been told by many natives that my waray waray is great! I was asked by a sister today, while at the dentistry for my companions teeth (saw Elder Sturgill’s dad, Brother and Grandpa there, which was awesome! They come in every once and awhile to help prospective missionaries perform the necessary dentistry stuff), and this lady would not believe that I was out for only 2 weeks! It was a great compliment, but it is still difficult. One of the missionaries who is living in our apartment told me how he was super homesick until he learned the language. Once he learned the language, he was so happy here! I guess that has happened to me a little bit, especially Sunday. But I know that the Lord blesses us. So many blessing to even count, the Lord loves and KNOWS his missionaries!!!! I was feeling rather a bit homesick on Sunday, mainly because church services are a bit different here. During our special sacrament   (I am in Dulag by the way,images03 images01 my companion is Elder Tayam), I saw a small Rainbow.  Although there was no rain, I knew that the Lord put it there just for me! It was behind the House, and I was the only person who could see it. Then, later in the night when those same feelings were coming back, the Lord had two missionaries come back and talk to me. They started trying to teach me Waray Waray and learn about me. Those feelings instantly disappeared and I was grateful to be back here. The Lord knows EXACTLY what I can handle, and he pushes me to that point, then helps me get back. He gives me strength. The lord never tells us that he will remove the burden, only strengthen us to handle it. I love that he strengthens us, which means that he makes us stronger. Relying on the Lord is to make us stronger, not to make us weaker. Also, something else That I learned this week (and this scriptures testify of this), that the Lord is wanting to bless us, if we but just ask. These first two weeks have been hard because we walk nearly 10 miles, or 20,000 steps each day (thank you ipod nano). Yet all I did was say a silent prayer and the Lord blessed me. There are many more blessings to count, But I can not write them all. If I did, i would literally be here all night and that is against the rules ;). My companion is teaching me one of the most important traits that i am working to achieve, selfless love. He will literally give me anything, even when he has nothing. It is great, and hopefully I will be able to keep this attribute and grow it over the next 80 years 😛 Although my companion and I are so different, we have grown to love each other so much. He is helping me, And i am helping him. It is awesome!


The kids here are awesome! One of the members in the ward (who has fed us on 3 accounts so far (including crab, which taste a lot like chicken)) has 2 of the cutest kids (they are her cousins I believe) That always want to spend time with the missionaries. They are awesome! that and they have fed us when we needed food (without them knowing!). The lord is so knowledgeable and blesses us so much!

Hope you have a absolutely terrific week, because I know that the Lord is helping me have one. and helping me learn this language! haha


Have a marvelous week,


Sincerely, Elder Wilson


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