Week 009 – Tacloban

Oh wow, It feels like FOREVER since I last emailed. I hope that everyone is doing well! There has been so much that has happened in the last two weeks, I do not even think I can fit it into one email haha! TO start, the Tuesday after  I last emailed, we had Elder Anderson come in and speak to us! we were actually worried we were’nt going to get to hear a General Authority speak but we did! It was awesome! My favorite part about his talk was that no sacrafice is greater than another, for the mission. We each sacrafice, and that is enough for the Lord! After this, that following wendesday, we had our final full day with our teachers. It was so sad to see Sister Henshaw and sister pickett for the last time, But I know that this is the Lord’s Plan. Sister Henshaw pulled alot of us into Coaching, and one of the things I got out of it (Which is totally true, being in the Philippines) is that I need to be more sensitive to others. I Have been able to notice this in the Philippines, and am working to change that. In my journal I write, ” Hopefully I will learn that attribute early so that I can become that Light of Christ, Guiding others through the murky water toward safety” (October 28th, 2015).


The plane ride to the Philippines was super long. I think I took a good 6 hour nap at the end. We were traveling for about 36 hours total (after waking up at 3 AM… and going to bed at 1 -_- got to love the weight limit hahaha!) After arriving, we were then escorted to the Philippines MTC! It was great! We arrived at around 12 AM on the 30th. We then, after getting some rest, went to a few meetings and did some exchanges with the Manilla missionaries! It was so cool! Other then the fact that they were all speaking tagalog, and I did not understand any of it, it was great! we went tracting for a few minutes, taught this 10 year old boy (mother is a member). then went to get Philippino Ice cream! So good! Haha it taste pretty mnuch the same as American Ice Cream haha. Everyone I talk with (even president trask , MTC President) keeps saying how sensitive the people are. This makes me more aware of my actions, and how they impact those around me (Which is getting better, having a Philippino Companion). Everyone here is super friendly and nice. THe internet is slow (Less pictures), but they are all really nice.


So Jet Lag is the worst… It makes me start to fall asleep earlier than normal, and since they have meetings later, it makes it very difficult to stay awake. Almost like taking a knock out drug just before driving. Very hard. I did try something new though, 9v9 Volleyball. It was literally the most crazy thing I have ever done. No serving, just playing haha! The rain here is also pretty crazy. it will rain for about 5 minutes then stop. It is so interesting… Met a bunch of Elder Sturgill’s friends at the MTC as well, they are super nice and awesome!


One of the coolest experiences though is the first day in Tacloban. I write from my journal, “Today was a tiring day. Went out and practiced OYM, it was really awesome! we had 5 pamphlets to give away, and we went around handing them out. We passed 4 out, and I was told to lead the way on the last one. So, I saw this street almost literally pop up, and decided to go to that one. At the end of the street. I said how we should give away one on a Jeepney. So we got to the Jeepney, and my companion started talking to the driver. Understanding none of that, another man came on. I starting having a conversation in m,y broken Waray, after a minute, English is what came out. While we were waiting, we ended up teaching him the first lesson. We were in traffic, so we made the best of it” (November 4th). I ended up speaking more Waray to him, once my companion got done, but it is difficult. I am grateful that We learned about 6 hours of waray in the MTC, it gives me something to go off of.


I am running out of time, therefore will just skim over everything else. My companion, who is from Mindanhow, ( I am not sure if that is how it is spelled), is definitely interesting. I am learning to loose myself in the work with him, mainly because we are from two different cultures. We teach and walk all the time. Our planners are filled with appointments, and I bear my testimony in Cebuano/Waray every single lesson, which is good Practice.


Lastly, something cool about the Philippines  (other then the millions of stars), they start celebrating Christmas around september and go till mid January, how Cool is that! Hope everyone has a phenomenal week!!!

Also, Internet is slow here, so I will not be posting all the Photos. Just a few per week.



Elder Wilson



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